Friday, September 28, 2012


National Novel Writing Month in November swallows me whole, a fifty thousand words in thirty day challenge. In October, I can be found plotting, scheming and doing character sketches. November is worse, I don't say much and spend lots of time typing or saying random things when not obsessing about my word count. Last year, I had my oldest throw a slow punch over my head so I could see exactly what muscles he used.
Once I joked that I was going to write the poly version of the Anarchist's Cookbook, the Polyamorist Cookbook. My oldest (and personal stunt man) thought it was inspired. I always found something else to write and this year, I figured everyone else is writing a book so why can't I?
It's not going to be a how-to book in the traditional sense. It's a collection of essays written about our triad and the different things we've gone through, stuff we learned the hard way. Except for my point being that I want my reader to realize this lifestyle is VERY individual and no one person holds all the answers. No one way to do this is the Right Way.
The subtitle is "An UNPrimer". I want to undo the whole "by the book" mentality. Just because it was in a book doesn't mean that it is gospel. There are fine, well-written books out there BUT it is essential to be able to critically evaluate if it's relevant to one's life. I mean, I adore the manga (Japanese graphic novel) Full Metal Alchemist but I am certainly not going to attempt any human transmutation.
This November will find me writing essays about living in a poly household and dealing with mundane things like laundry, finances and adopting a kitten. I'll write about our adventures, how we handle things like vacations and holidays. Family will be in there, topics like seeing our oldest son off to basic training and our daughter's open house. There will be essays on things like community building, communication and how we decide between Dr Who and football.
It may or may not see the light of day. It may be utter crap or brilliant. But either way, I will have it completed by December 1st.


  1. As a fellow writer and polyamorist, I am inspired by you. I think that your insight into your life as a triad family will show polyamory as an alternative lifestyle filled with real issues that affect real people in one loving family...I want dibs on a signed copy of the book, M.!

    1. I often repeat the revolution will be normalized. Only when we can show them that we're just people with lives like everyone else can we begin to make progress.
      I hope I do just as you say and if it sees the light of day, you got it! :)